Tips For Cleaning Your Patio Furniture this Summer

You put a lot of thought into your patio furniture, and you want it to last! Taking care of outdoor furniture may not always be as straightforward as it seems. Hodgson Light & Log shares these tips for cleaning the 3 most common types of patio furniture this summer.

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Most outdoor furniture made from woods are using hardwoods. The best way to care for these pieces is to use a soft, nylon bristled brush to remove any debris and then clean the surface using a damp sponge or cloth. If you need a little extra cleaning power, a mild household soap and lukewarm water are safe to use. Just make sure to soak up any excess water and allow the wood to dry naturally so it doesn’t warp from being unevenly wettened. If your goal is to allow the woodgrain to fade naturally (patina), then you only need to clean it once or twice a year, or as needed. However, if you want to keep it looking new, then regular cleaning and treatment with appropriate furniture oil (and potentially a sealant, depending on the specific item) is the best way to go.

Metal Patio Furniture and Frames

Metallic patio furniture can be a sight for sore eyes, or an eye-sore depending on the care it’s given. When neglected, rust and stains can set it and ruin the product. Luckily, basic cleaning of metal frames and furniture is simple. Most pieces are cleaned in a similar fashion, but each metal has its own characteristics and unique care needs so check the manual before using any chemical cleaners. You can safely clean metal frames and furniture by spraying away dirt and debris with your garden hose. Then wipe the surfaces down using a soft cloth soaked in mild soapy water. Remember to periodically rinse the cloth off, and make sure to avoid scratching the finish with any hard sediment that could get stuck in the cloth. Once clean, you can use any microfiber or other low abrasion cloth to dry! Make sure to pay special attention to the undersides and joints of your pieces, dirt and debris can accumulate causing rust and/or stains with certain types of metals.

Plastic/Synthetic Furniture

Plastic/Synthetic patio pieces aren’t always just an economical choice, many modern designs take advantage of high-quality materials to make long-lasting, durable, and beautiful patio sets. It doesn’t require paint or sealants like other materials and can be very simple to maintain. However, the various types of materials do sometimes require different approaches at maintaining them. Sticky spills and drips like tree sap may require more commercial products specifically designed for that purpose, as plastics can occasionally hold on to that texture. The important thing to remember is that any commercial product you use should be rinsed away once the problem area has been cleaned. Leaving product residue behind can compromise the integrity of the plastic or cause discoloration when exposed to the sun.

Always consult your manufacturer’s label for specific instructions.

While these are some general rules of thumb when it comes to patio care, any general advice that you read should always be set aside in favor of your manual’s instructions. Manufacturers extensively test their products and want you to have the best possible experience. When in doubt, consult the manual, they are the expert on the care of their product! If you have any further questions, our friendly team at Hodgson & Log are always ready to help.

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