Save Time and Money with a Gas Fireplace in Kalamazoo from Hodgson Light and Log

If you would like a fireplace but don’t want to deal with the time and effort it takes to care for the wood-burning variety, a gas fireplace in Kalamazoo from Hodgson Light and Log may be right for you. They can be turned on/off with the flip of a switch and do not need to be tended to to keep the fire burning and producing energy efficient heat.

Besides ease of use and cleanness, gas fireplaces are also much more energy efficient than wood burning fireplaces. When using wood, only about 15% of the energy created is actually converted into household heat (with the rest going out through the chimney). On the other end of the spectrum, today’s gas fireplaces use up to 85% of the heat they produce to heat an are of up to 1,000 square feet. If energy efficiency is important to you (which it should be) be sure to pay close attention to the efficiency rating. As an example, if the rating is 80, that means that 80% of the gas consumed is used to heat your home with the remaining 20% being used for combustion and ventilation.

When choosing a gas fireplace, you have several options to choose from, including a gas fireplace insert, gas log set, or a built-in. If you have an existing fireplace a gas insert may be a good option. The gas insert can be connected to your existing gas lines, or if needed, you can add a propane tank outside. You can also use a gas log set if you already have a firebox. These ceramic logs can be vented or unvented and are more for looks than actual heating.

If you’re constructing a new home or room, a built-in gas fireplace is going to likely be your best option. Installation can easily be done during construction which means you can create the hearth you desire for your new gas fireplace in Kalamazoo. There is a ventless system that uses sensors to ensure air quality in your own or direct-vented that uses a chimney or vent that goes through the roof of your home.

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