Light Bulb Guide for Your Lighting in Kalamazoo from Hodgson Light and Log

LED (light emitting diode)

LED light bulbs have gotten increasingly more popular over time due to their energy efficiency and longevity. In fact, energy companies are even providing their customers with LED light bulbs for free in order to promote energy efficiency. LED lights are often dimmable, are available in a broad range of color temperatures, and have a very high color rendering index (CRI) which means colors appear more vivid and sharp. While you pay more up front than with a traditional incandescent bulb, LEDs can last up to 20 years!


Incandescent bulbs have been the standard for a long time, however, they are becoming less popular as they are less energy efficient and burn out much more quickly than LED. Incandescent bulbs are still attractive to customers because they are familiar and also less expensive up front despite lasting for a much lesser time and causing higher energy costs.


Most people think that halogen light bulbs use an exorbitant amount of energy, but the truth is that they actually use about the same amount of energy as traditional incandescent bulbs. Despite using the same amount of energy, they have a longer life and a wider range of color temperature options with a higher CRI.

CFL (compact fluorescent lamp)

While CFL light bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs, LEDs are usually a better alternative considering CFL light bulbs are not dimmable and also contain Mercury, which means they have to be disposed of properly and not in your regular garbage or recycling.

At Hodgson Light and Log in Kalamazoo, we are light bulb experts! If you have any questions about what type of light bulb is right for your lamp or lighting in Kalamazoo, do not hesitate to contact us or stop in today!

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