Choosing a Ceiling Fan in Kalamazoo from Hodgson Light and Log

Many people don’t realize how many options there are when choosing a ceiling fan in Kalamazoo until they are in the market for one. The decision is actually somewhat complex and involves the dimensions and set up of the room and the size, materials, and functions of the fan.

In general, the most important thing is the size of the room when choosing a fan size to ensure that it will circulate air properly. The experts at Hodgson Light and Log can give you guidance on what size ceiling fan will work for your room. You can also find charts available online. You should also make sure that your ceiling fan is at least seven feet from the floor for safety reasons.

You also have to determine whether or not you would like a light fixture as a part of your fan, as well. You can choose a traditional rounded light or even chandelier style. Ceiling fans also can come with different number of blades with different finishes and materials.

While function is obviously important, aesthetics is extremely important, too. Whether you are looking for modern or traditional or anything in between, Hodgson Light and Log has what you need. To see our inventory of ceiling fans in Kalamazoo at Hodgson Light and Log stop into our showroom. We also work with many different vendors and can order products we don’t have on hand. To learn more about ceiling fans and to view a gallery of ceiling fan ideas, click here.

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